About Me

Beverley Hills

My background is in the creative arena of film, stage and TV, this means I have a wealth of experience to do with anxiety, panic attacks, rejection, fear as well as bereavement, family, relationships, sexual issues addiction and more. I also counsel couples and troubled teens. My diverse career means I’ve a wider than average skillset for you to call upon. Trained in many different theories, I believe one type doesn't fit all because isn’t every person different? A member of the BACP, I work within their ethical framework; confidentiality is assured at all times.

Training and qualifications

Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Humanistic Counselling (Person Centered, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, CBT)
Post Grad Certificate Counselling
OCN Certificate in Counselling Supervision

What is Therapy?

Monday - Saturday
0800 - 2100
Therapy can be just a few sessions and sometimes even one session may be enough. It may continue over several weeks or months. This depends on your individual situation. I will discuss this with you before and during your course of therapy.
A session lasts 50 minutes.
Many people see their therapist once a week, but the frequency can vary according to your need and the type of therapy being offered.
It depends on your needs, usually it takes several sessions to get to the root of the problem. Occasionally one session is enough.
Therapy doesn’t work for everybody. It is not a universal cure-all. Because you may be talking about very personal and often painful things, it can sometimes be difficult to keep going. Despite this, it is often worth the effort as you can be helped to work through problems.
No. Here is a good place to find out more. Types of Therapy

About my sessions

Yes. If you miss a regular session that time slot cannot be then filled by someone else as it has been allocated especially for you. You will still have to pay.
Provided you have given enough notice then you will not be charged for missed sessions.
No. Confidentiality is assured at all times. However all therapists have supervisors and I may talk about you anonymously to help give you a better service. This is usually done with your permission.
Whatever you feel comfortable bringing to therapy.
Usually not, I do however prefer to have your doctor’s contact details in case there is a serious risk of harm to you or others.
This is not generally accepted in individual therapy because of confidentiality issues. Also people might feel restricted by another person being there as we never know what might emerge. However, some cultures would not find this a problem, and if there are communication difficulties, it may be helpful to have an interpreter in the room.
You can access the confidential Ask Kathleen service on the BACP website. This is a confidential service designed for members of the public to discuss any questions or concerns about their therapy.
You can also find out more here: Types of Therapy

How to Contact Me

I offer counselling on secure online platforms so you can access me from the convenient safety of your own home or workplace.
Simply call or email to set up an appointment.

  • Phone: +44 (0)743 404 6689


After my parent's divorce I felt alone and powerless and the prospect of university was just too much for me to deal with. I began to go off the rails somewhat, but Bev at Hills Counselling helped me to find my way once again. With her help I have been going form strength to strength. E. H.
Hills Counselling helped us to find new career paths enabling us to make the transition from carefree artists to parents and business owners. With her wide range of experience both as aparent in the arts arena she was able to help us navigate pitfalls that could otherwise have severely hampered our plans, enabling us to make the lifestyle we wanted while providing for our new family. M.B. and L.A.
After the birth of our first child I felt detached and panicky as though my life had fallen apart. Our marriage began to suffer and we were at a loss untli a friend recommended Hills Counselling. Though we were at first skeptical, Beverley put us immediately at ease with the counselling process and proceeded to wotk through our problems and concerns over the next several weeks. Our lives have changed again, this time for the better and I can't thank her enough. J.T
During my final year at University I began to have anxiety attacks and developed severe depression. Hills Counselling helped me to identify the causes and triggers of the attacks and address the underlying issues. My counsellor's calm and welcoming nature made me feel secure and comfortable enough to address several issues of which I had previously been unaware. L. S.